Conceal Carry Skills

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This course follows Conceal Carry at 2pm and is designed for those students who have completed the Conceal Carry Class and wish for more range time to draw and shoot from a concealed holster.  This class is available at any point in time, to anyone who has completed the required courses.  You may sign up for both Conceal Carry and this Conceal Carry class at the same time or purchase at seperate times.

Required equipment for the class: 

  • A Handgun 
  • A strong side holster
  • Sturdy belt if needed for holster
  • 200 rounds of pistol ammo
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye protection  

If you are unable to get any of these items beforehand, or would like us to help you obtain these items for the class we would be happy to help! We have rental guns for you to use in class if needed.  Let us know in advance so that we can work out details and pricing for those items.  After you sign up you will be able to download a document with further instructions and location. 


*Intro to Pistol and Conceal Carry is a prerequisite

**If you attended our previous class for Basic Pistol Self Defense you are welcome to join in this skills class for more hands-on practice on the range.

***Instructor's note: We highly suggest that you do not bring a .22 pistol to class; it hasn't provided the best experience for our students in the past.  If you choose to bring a .22 and you encounter any problems you will be asked to finish the course with a firearm provided by LDI, for the remainder of the class, as well as purchase the remaining amount of ammunition required to finish the class.  If you choose not to continue you will forfeit your class-no refund.  If you are unsure of which firearm to purchase, please contact us for guidance based on your personal situation.  We also offer Pistol Experience course which is a great opportunity to shoot multiple firearms before making a decision on what firearm you want to purchase.