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To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Trigger Pressers Union, Learn Defense Industries and Klint Macro have embarked upon a joint venture that has resulted in the LDI-TPU Rifle. The LDI-TPU Rifle is Klint Macro's vision of the LDI Standard M4, built and sourced, with as many parts from Pennsylvania as possible. The TPU Rifle will give the user a “100% ready” rifle out of the box that is fitted with tried and trusted accessories for defense of self and family in the home and on their property. Just verify zero with your chosen defensive ammunition, attach your favorite sling, and you are ready to go. Don’t have a sling? Trigger Pressers Union suggests the original V-TAC 2-point sling with QD sling swivels.

LDI-TPU Rifle Includes:

  • LDI Standard M4 with: Lower and Upper milled in Bethal Park, PA 16 inch Barrel chambered in 223 Wylde LCH5, made in Delaware Ohio
  • Nitride Bolt Carrier Group, made in Delaware Ohio Gen2 15 inch Lancer Carbon Fiber Handguard & 30 Round Magazine, made in Quakertown, PA
  • Mission First Tactical Back-up Sights and Grip, made in Horsham, PA Streamlight 69450 TLR RM2 Light with pressure pad, HQ in Eagleville, PA
  • EOTech 512 Hollographic Sight, HQ in Michigan, made in USA
  • VLTOR IMOD Stock, HQ in Arizona, made in USA
  • Troy Industries ambi-mag-release, HQ in Tennessee, made in USA

Rifle built, tuned, and tested by LDI in Erie, PA All LDI-TPU Rifles have the Trigger Pressers Union Logo laser engraved on the receiver and each comes with the Lifetime LDI Warranty, Lifetime Barrel Replacement, and lawful Use of Force Replacement.